Catch of the day.

This is a local trader who was on hand to sell us fresh fish for our beach picnic.  The woman is well-known in the village of Inagawan.  She’s often seen walking with the latest catch carried in a bucket. Despite the heat, she’s still working hard at 85.      

A day with aunties at the beach.

                    This is the neighbourhood where Arlene spent many days as a child, visiting  the three homes of her maternal aunts.  All three were living on the same road in the beach village of Inagawan, 90 minutes south of Puerto Princesa. The aunts are today still […]Read Post ›

A village school is ambushed.

On the way to the Underground River cave, our tour bus passed a remote village school. It looked interesting, so I grabbed the camera and made an impromptu visit. The teachers and youngsters at Paaralang Elementary were very accommodating.  They were happy for me to join one of the lessons. The topic: “Things that make […]Read Post ›

Island colour

During our trip to the famous Underground River Caves, we stopped briefly at a village selling souvenirs and refreshments.  These images came from one small garden.  The plants are common all over the island.

Underwater River cave tour

A highlight of the week was a visit to Palawan’s most famous attraction – the Underwater River. Recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this is the world’s longest river below sea level.  Its located inside a massive cave, packed with bats and dramatic stalactites.  There are well organised small boat tours lasting 45 […]Read Post ›

Puerto Princesa – tricycles

  Puerto Princesa is a sea of motorised tricycles.  Car owners refer to them as cockroaches.  But they’re a cheap and convenient way for locals to navigate the busy streets.  Tricycle drivers follow few rules.   Amazingly, they can squeeze past each other – and pedestrians – with just millimetres to spare. Tricycle fares often rise […]Read Post ›

City Hall family photo

Puerto Princesa – The burial

Puerto Princesa – The service

Puerto Princesa Memorial Park (cemetery).   Click on images below to view full size.

Puerto Princesa – The wake

Following his death, Emiliano’s family and friends kept a constant vigil, at a funeral home in the city.  In keeping with Filipino custom, the wake lasted seven days.  Friends and family took turns to ensure someone was present 24 hours a day. Wooden bench seats were used for sleeping. Food was supplied, and a TV […]Read Post ›