Tongariro Crossing – the slideshow

Bobbies on the beat

While strolling down Oxford Street I came across this fearless duo, keeping a close watch on Christmas shoppers. They were happy to pose.

Paris by night

Paris is arguably the most photographic city in the world.   And although I’m familiar with the most popular city sights  (I lived here for six months in the 1980’s), its never too late to learn new photography tips and angles.  So tonight I booked a private walking tour with one of the staff from the […]Read Post ›

Paris sunrise

View of sunrise from the bridge leading to the Eiffel Tower.

Room with une vue manifique

Tonight I had a rare glimpse inside a Parisian apartment, overlooking one of the oldest treasures in France – Notre Dame Cathedral.  The story begins in the city centre, near Boulevard St Germain on the Paris Left Bank. These are some of the many upmarket apartments lining the River Seine as it winds its way […]Read Post ›

St Paul’s Cathedral.

I’ve arrived in London at the start of a 4-day work visit to the UK and Los Angeles. Tomorrow I’m off to Paris for a three-day break.  But first, there’s time to head across town for a nighttime view of a local favourite. St Paul’s Cathedral had been looking rather drab and grey on a […]Read Post ›

All good things must end

This is the trip’s final image – a Manila sunset seen from our hotel as we prepare for sleep and a morning flight home. While the sun was fading in Manila, my mother’s ninety years in Invercargill were also drawing to a close. Within a couple of hours, she too would pass away. We fly […]Read Post ›

Manila Cathedral

Destroyed and rebuilt eight times since the 1500’s,  Manila Cathedral is another of the eight great churches built in the Spanish district of Intramuros.  This version of the cathedral dates back to the 1950’s.  Only the historic facade survived heavy bombing during World War 2. The Cathedral was closed during my first visit in 2012.  […]Read Post ›

Manila – San Agustin Church

We’re in Manila for one day before the flights back to New Zealand. There’s just enough time to visit a couple of favourite landmarks, including San Agustin Roman Catholic Church. Today this 400-year old church is briefly off-limits to tourists because a wedding is taking place. So I head upstairs for a look though the […]Read Post ›

Prisoners without walls.

Iwahig prison and penal Farm is no ordinary jail. It’s a prison without walls, and quite a popular tourist attraction on Palawan. Visitors are shown the century-old buildings and watch the low-security inmates working the paddy fields. There’s also a souvenir shop. Most of the prisoners have progressed to low risk, and escape attempts are […]Read Post ›