Antarctica 2015: Slideshow

Earlier this month I was extremely lucky to be invited on the trip of a lifetime.  Air New Zealand asked me to pack my camera gear and head to Antarctica for a week.  They wanted me to interview and film New Zealand scientists whoa re carrying out climate research on the ice.  (This is work Air New Zealand has been promoting through ongoing support.)

Sadly the week-long staff at Scott Base on Ross Island was cut back from seven to four days when bad weather delayed our departure. But even four days was to be an amazing experience.

At this time of year (summer) the sun never sets.  So there is constant daylight and no night.  Average temperatures during my stay were around minus 20.  But its not the cold that gets you – its the icy winds.  Thanks to the frequent wind chill factor, minus 20 often felt more like minute 40.  Naturally we were well equipped with plenty of extreme-weather clothing.  But if you make the mistake of removing too many layers, the wind will feel like a blowtorch on your skin.

Highlights of the trip were helicopter visits to the huts of Antarctic explorers Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton, as well a  flight over the Dry Valleys and the frozen Ross Sea.

Here’s a photo montage of highlights from the four days.

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