A day with aunties at the beach.

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This is the neighbourhood where Arlene spent many days as a child, visiting  the three homes of her maternal aunts.  All three were living on the same road in the beach village of Inagawan, 90 minutes south of Puerto Princesa.

The aunts are today still living in the same homes.  They’re now aged in their 70’s.  With Arlene back in town, a family get-together was planned.  I joined Arlene; her three brothers and several other extended family members on the trip south,  for  a reunion feast on the beach.

In the image below, Arlene and her youngest brother Rael are standing outside their Aunty Munda’s house.  They had many shorts stays here as youngsters.  The beach is just a short walk away, at the end of the road.

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