Journey to Palawan

August brought sad news for Arlene, with her father’s passing after a brief illness.  Emiliano was 77.  He lived his entire life in Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan – a picturesque resort island in the Philippines.

Arlene and Greg  flew to Palawan for the funeral, and to reunite with family during a six-day stay.

Palawan island is best known for beaches, resorts and natural scenery.  The island is long and narrow – about half the length of New Zealand’s South Island.

The capital, Puerto Princesa is a gritty port town and busy commercial centre. Its home to about 210,000 people. But for new arrivals, this city has the look and feel of a much larger destination.  It has Wellington’s population but Bangkok’s pace and chaos.  The city’s congested main roads are packed with activity day and night.

The images below come from the Internet.  All the rest are from Greg’s cameras.

Palawan images
(Puerto Princesa tourism image)


(Philippines map showing Palawan to the west.)


(Aerial view of Puerto Princesa in Palawan.)

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