Day 5 – Dining on the Beach

This was a great find by Arlene. The location is Jimbaran Beach, a short drive south from our villa in Seminyak.

On arrival, all we could see was an endless parade of seafood restaurants lining the beach front. There were dozens, and they all looked the same.  I mean they ALL looked the same: dim foyer, a few inside tables, and possibly some outdoor dining in the rear.  It was impossible to choose (and too late to return home) so we just picked one at random.  After the Tanah Lot anti-climax, I didn’t have high hopes. But once we walked through, a whole new world opened up.  The world of sunset dining on the sand.

Here in front of us were hundreds of tables right on the beach, just metres from the water.  We asked for a front row seat.

The meal was brilliant.  Fresh fish, prawns or lobster, cooked by grill or barbecue.  As you enjoy your meal, there’s entertainment from junior dancers and roaming performers.  A great atmosphere and a great night – authentic and memorable.

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