Bali Day 2 – Ubud monkey forest

Today we headed north on a guided tour to visit local plantations, cultural villages, coffee growing and of course, the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud.

Monkey Forest is a small rainforest and sanctuary in the heart of Ubud village. It features a nature reserve and temple complex. Not surprising, the number one attractions are the monkeys.

Bali 57

The monkeys are commonly called long-tailed Macaques. Yes, they are cute and friendly.  But their behaviour can be unpredictable.  Every few minutes you’ll  hear startled screams – usually from young women who suddenly find a hungry monkey grabbing their ankle or hair.

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There’s no shortage of food for these characters.  The monkeys are  well fed on corn and kumera, not to mention food handed out by tourists.  But it seems this young guy (below) was looking for something more special.  Perhaps a Pina Colada to quench the thirst on a hot day in the tropics.  There’s just one problem.  How to open that damn coconut..

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