Day 12 – Motorway madness

What’s the difference between driving in Malaysia and motoring in Manila?

At least in the Philippines you have a decent chance of survival.

The freeway skills in and around Kuala Lumpur are appalling – worse than Auckland’s Southern Motorway. And that’s saying something!

We’ve just returned from a day trip to the charming tourist resort town of Melaka. It’s about two hours from Kuala Lumpur.

Throughout the journey, our tour van was routinely overtaken by high speed idiots in expensive high performance cars. They weren’t just speeding. They were racing. Through three lanes of busy traffic. And we weren’t slow. Our driver, Lim, was often sitting at 120.

Lim told us Formula One racing is very popular in Malaysia..

Not surprisingly, we’ve seen accidents every day since arriving four days ago. At the start of today’s tour we passed a twisted wreck which must have claimed at least one life.

Fortunately, Lim was very good behind the wheel. Even if his music selection was quite shocking. He kept us entertained with a “Sentimental Favourites” CD collection.

It was kept on high rotate. For four hours.

Here’s a sample..

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