Day 11 – Easy access

Another surprise in the so-called War on Terror: Malaysia appears to be having a ceasefire.

How else can we explain today’s easy access to the country’s second highest attraction – KL Tower.

Unlike the Petronas Towers, KL Tower does at least have a metal detector at the front entrance. And it works. I know this because lights flashed and sirens rang, the moment I passed through carrying a camera bag stuffed with cables and batteries.

Did the alarm spark any concern among security? Actually, no. I wasn’t detained. I was waved on. No bag check. No questions. Just hurry up – there’s a queue waiting.

Perhaps I’m paranoid after the Philippines, where small corner shops are guarded by rocket launchers and army battalions. Over there you face a strip search just to buy toothpaste. But here, security at far bigger landmarks is strangely relaxed. At least, it is when security guards glance at my face.

I sometimes wonder whether Europeans automatically enjoy gold card status at local checkpoints.

Maybe no one’s heard of Timothy McVeigh?

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