Day 3 – Dinner at the plantation

After a full-on first day of photos, speeches and campus tours, the Class of ’87 enjoyed a late dinner and party at the home of Gary and Connie, both classmates from De La Salle.

Their lovely home (above) is located in the middle of a coffee plantation, about 30 minutes from our hotel. There was a traffic accident on the main road tonight (surprise, surprise), forcing Willy our driver to navigate through a winding route of narrow back streets. This rather complicated journey seemed to stretch the trip from 30 to 90 minutes. But it was highly entertaining.

Our hosts provided a wonderful selection of Filipino dishes. I’m particularly keen on the local seafood. In the bush adjacent to the property, we could hear frogs and loud insects causing a commotion. And although it was too dark to spot, I was told there was at least one monkey amongst the trees on the property.

The medics partied till about 1am. I caught an early ride home on a rather dodgy jeepney, with no seat belts and a driver with no regard for speed limits. Actually, does anyone here know the speed limit?

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