Greymouth memorial

This is one of several memorials to miners who have died on the job in mind around Greymouth.

Greymouth sunset

I was enjoying an evening meal in Greymouth tonight when I spotted the start of an impressive sunset.  When I stepped outside, I realised there was an even better view around the corner..  Amazing colours on New Zealand’s West Coast.  (The figures in the distance are part of a memorial to local miners who have […]Read Post ›

TranzAlpine: New Zealand’s best rail journey

This week we’ve been enjoying dramatic scenery on New Zealand’s TranzAlpin Express.  This five-hour rail journey crosses the South Island, from Christchurch city on the east coast to the gritty mining town of Greymouth on the West Coast.  Along the way, passengers get to see three very distinctive parts of the New Zealand landscape – […]Read Post ›

Papakura marae, Auckland

Among the most visible features of New Zealand’s Maori culture are the many carved meeting houses (Wharenui) located on meeting grounds (marae) all over the country.   A work assignment this week took me to Papakura marae in South Auckland.  This beautiful building was erected in the 1980’s.  It features something I’ve never seen before: […]Read Post ›

Bondi Rendezvous

We are now at Bondi Beach for a few days.  Its a birthday trip, and a nice chance to take in the sights at Australia’s most famous beach.  Even in grey overcast weather, Bondi has plenty to offer.  As usual, most of the best images can be seen near the end of the day or […]Read Post ›

On the skates in Bondi

Mount Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand

Mount Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand

Antarctica 2015: Slideshow

Earlier this month I was extremely lucky to be invited on the trip of a lifetime.  Air New Zealand asked me to pack my camera gear and head to Antarctica for a week.  They wanted me to interview and film New Zealand scientists whoa re carrying out climate research on the ice.  (This is work […]Read Post ›

Tongariro Crossing – A day with volcanoes

This week, we completed the Tongariro Crossing – a huge day-long walk in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island. The views were stunning.  But for my middle-aged frame, it felt like the walk from hell.  This famous trek is 19 kilometres long.  Along the way you will climb near 190o metres.  It took our […]Read Post ›